Essential Muay Thai Boxing Equipment

When you starting out in Muay Thai, there is other essential Thai boxing equipment that you need apart from Thai boxing shorts. Getting your own equipment should not be necessary as the gym should provide some gloves, shin guards and body protection. Although in my experience, one session of putting your hands and legs in cold, wet and smelly communal equipment will give you the push to get your own.

The first protective wear you should consider getting is thai boxing gloves as these will be the things you will use the most. boxe thai equipement There are many designs, colours and makes out there, so it is down to personal choice and how much money you wish to spend. The main makes of Muay Thai gloves are Twins, Kings, Raja and Windy.

You may need to purchase some hand wraps, as these will help support your wrist and hand when you begin to punch hard. If you are confused on how to put these on your hands, then there are lots of great videos on the Internet that will teach you. Somebody in your gym will be willing to show you too, so do not be shy to ask.

Shin guards will be the next piece of thai boxing equipment that you may wish to invest in as you will be using these quite a bit. Just like the gloves, these range in price and quality, so it just depends on your budget and needs. The main makes are Twins, Kings, Raja and Windy, these have different thicknesses and sizes. For sparring and general use I would advise to to get the thickest ones to begin with.

Last on your list to get is a gum shield. It is advisable that you order one of these quite quickly though as you will soon be holding pads for other people, so it is rather to be safe than knocked out. There are many options to choose from, but I would advise to spend some money on this as the more expensive ones are better quality.

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