Government Job Listing – What Are Your Work Values?

Chances are, you have never given a moment’s thought to this next question. At least not in the context of planning. You already looked at who you are and what you enjoy and do well. Uksssc The idea being, of course, to seek out career options that make the most of your innate qualities, tastes, and natural abilities.

As you start checking into various careers, you will discover one more attribute associated with making personally appropriate career choices. You will find that even though people may have the exact same job title, they may carry out their jobs in dramatically different ways. For instance, everyone knows about teachers. They teach things to other people.Period.

But wait. If you line up 10 aspiring teachers in one room, you may be surprised to discover how vastly different their interpretations of the job may be. There are the most apparent differences, of course. One may want to teach young children; one may want to teach adults. One will focus on teaching math, while another one focuses on teaching spanish.

Look a little closer and you will find even greater differences in the choices they make. One may opt for the prestige (and paycheck) of working in an Ivy league college, while another is completely devoted to teaching disadvantaged children in a remote area of the Appalachian Mountains. One may approach teaching simply as a way to make a living, while another devotes almost every waking hour to working with his or her students.

These subtle but substantial differences reflect what is truly important to teach each person. In a word, they reflect the person’s values-those things that are most important to them. People’s values depend on many factors-their upbringing, their life experiences, their goals and ambitions, their religious beliefs, and, quite frankly, the way they view the world and their role in it.

Very few people share exactly the same values. However, that does not necessarily mean that some people are right and others are wrong. It just means they have different perspectives.

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