How to Install the N64 Emulator to Your PSP

Generally speaking, an emulator is a program (either in software or firmware form) whose main purpose is to mimic the functionalities of a particular system in another system. Once installed, the host system will be able to almost faithfully run programs designed for another system. There are two types of emulators. First is the software emulator that is installed in PCs to enable it to work on a different software program from the one which was originally installed. This allows the PC to accept the game software and play it. The second type of emulator is the hardware emulator which comes in the form of a hardware device or component that contains firmware that instructs the PC on what to do when particular game software are loaded.

Both game console and game software developers “unofficially” encourage the development of emulators because, for the game console developer, it allows the quick introduction of a new console because it can accept games developed for other systems or versions. On the other hand, for game software developers, it expands the utility of their software, thereby increasing their addressable market size. emulators download By doing so, their sales potential increases by a magnitude, which translates to significant profitability.

For the PSP, there are emulators that are currently available which allows the playing of popular N64 games. The reviews of these emulators are not too favorable primarily because of the speed concern (which is probably due to fundamental design differences that cannot currently be efficiently emulated). Nevertheless, these emulators give one the opportunity to play his favorite games on N64 on his PSP even just for the memories.

Installing an N64 emulator to your PSP is really dependent on the emulator you are able to get. Most of these are free and downloadable from the Internet. One emulator has the following installation instructions, which is similar to most emulator instructions:

* Download the emulator from a prescribed website into your PC’s hard disk.

* Create the appropriate folder in the root directory of your PSP’s memory stick to store the emulator.

* Connect your PSP to your PC via USB.

* Transfer or copy the emulator files from your PC’s hard disk into the folder created in your PSP memory stick’s root directory.

* Run the program every time you want to play an N64 game.

While many say that emulators make sense, there is still a major issue regarding it. This has to do with the disclosure of specifications of the game console being emulated to the company doing the emulation. These are obviously data that game console manufacturers will be very, very, reluctant to give. It would be like committing commercial suicide for them to just give away the secrets of their products.

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