Mushroom Tunnel for Better Mushroom Growth

Mushroom growing can be done on various surfaces including logs and troughs. A mushroom tunnel features burgeons grown in a tunnel, which could be a log, or tunnel shaped surface. For this kind of surface, you simply need a log, which you will shape into a trough and fill it with the right water content and sawdust. Just like it is common to find mushrooms growing in a railway or car tunnel, you can grow mushrooms in a tunnel like surface to give you your own burgeon tunnel.

Environments under which burgeons thrive can be seen in a tunnel and they comprise of a moist nearly dark atmosphere with humidity that is perfect for their growth. Mushroom tunnel surfaces will depend on the amount of production you require. It is believed that burgeons produced in this kind of atmosphere have are naturally grown to give tasty quality types. Tunnels provide a good environments since mushroom growing is characterized by a natural sequence. This includes the composting process, albino penis envy strain spawning and sprouting for healthy burgeons. This burgeon tunnel design can be used for large scale production with structures designed to resemble a tunnel.

The first step towards growing mushrooms includes composting which offers the nitrogen that mushrooms require to sprout and grow. Mushroom tunnels can be filled with organic compost of; sawdust, hay or crushed corncobs. This will provide a good surface area for the seed spores. You can also fill it up with soil although some burgeons do not require soil to grow. These tunnels can also be drilled with holes to give room for some air and water to flow in order to give the humid atmosphere that burgeons need to thrive. Mushroom tunnels make access to the mushrooms much easier and they give the required covering for them to grow naturally.

Expert mushroom growers of brands like the Enoki, King Brown and Chestnut believe that mushroom tunnel structures will give the most appropriate temperatures for these to grow better. As a result, they have adapted neglected structures with tunnel shaped structures to grow edible mushrooms. These can be grown in plastic mushroom tunnels as well. The idea of burgeons growing in a railway tunnel has brought up many modern ways in which these delicacies are grown and produced to give all year supply to gourmets. These are regulated to give clean conducive temperatures under which burgeons can be grown. Burgeon tunnels can be on small and large scale.

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